Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

Written by: Anne Frank

Review Written by: petziez

Anne Frank's actual diary was found in "The Secret Annexe" in Amsterdam. In it, she writes done all that happen's to her in the two years she's lived there. The way she writes contributes a great deal to her personality. Reading the book, I could almost see what it was like there. Anne Frank wanted to be a journalist when the war ended. She writes about the lack of food, the arguments and the fear of discovery. Read the book to find out exactly what!

This book was cause for me falling asleep many times, not to say I didn't like it. I actually enjoyed the book very much. I couldn't much relate to any of the people she writes about because I've never really been in a situation quite like Anne's. One of my favorite parts of the book is when she writes about Peter Van Dann, a seventeen year old boy who lives in the Secret Annexe with his parents. My least favorite part of the book was somewhere in the middle. Most of what she talked about were the constant quarrels and how she felt sorry for herself. I wouldn't change anything in the diary, if I did, I would probably change it to something that never happened to Anne Frank. Considering this is an autobiography.

One of my friends has already read this book, so I might recommend this to some of my other ones. I would recommend this book to someone who likes stories from World War II, and maybe to any girl my age. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is not a big fan of World War II, or cannot put up with a long book. Despite it's appearance, it's a pretty thick book.

On the Banks of Plum Creek

Author: Laura Ingalls
Review By: Sr. Iggs

This story is about a girl named Laura who lives in the country and has some stories to tell about her life.The main characters in this story are Laura, Mary, Carrie, Charles, Caroline, and Nellie Oleson. One of the major problems in the story is when Laura decides to jump into a creek that's water is going way too fast. One of the exciting adventure is when Laura and Mary only wish for horses for their Pa and they also get candy. It was about 90-100 years ago.
This is one of the best books I have ever read. I liked it because it was full of new adventure, wonder, and merriment. I relate to Laura because she always wants to have new adventures and it makes the book interesting. My favorite character is Laura because she seems like being her friend would be filled with excitement. My favorite part of the book is when Laura gets to ride Christmas horses one Christmas morning. My least favorite part of the book was when stupid Nellie Oleson walked into her father's store when Laura was there. She shoved mouthfuls of Christmas candy into her mouth when Laura only got a few pieces for Christmas then called Laura's pa poor! i would not change any part of this book since it was based on Laura's childhood.
I would recommend this book to my friends because it is full of emotion and adventure. People who like other little house books would like this and people who like emotional and adventurous books. I would not recommend this book to people who don't like to look in a child's point of view.