Miss.Switch Online

By: Barbraa Brooks Wallace

Review By:Tacinda98


This book is about a boy who is in 6th grade and goes to the school Pepperdine Elementary. The boy expects his old teacher Miss. Switch to be there in classroom 12. But he gets a surprise when he finds a teacher that he's never seen before. Miss. Switch and the boy. Miss. Switch was a witch and a 6th grade teacher. The boy was a student and a witch hunter he was looking for Saturana. The bad thing was that the boys computer crashed. The adventure was that the boy got to ride to school on a broom.

I liked the book because had adventures in it and I love books with great adventures.I didn't relate to any characters.my favorite character was probably the boy.

I would recommend this book to my friends. The people who should read this is people who like witch books and adventure books. The people who shouldn't read this is people who hate witch books and adventure books.

Ella Enchanted
By: Gail Carson Levine
Book Review
By: dancerdarian54

This story is about a young girl who believes herself to be cursed. Ella was given a gift by a fairy but the gift turned out to be anything but a blessing. She was given the gift of obedience, but that meant anytime she received any type of order she must do it immediately. Ella tries everything to get Lucinda, the fairy, to take back her gift. Ogres, giants and even the prince are some of the characters that Ella deals with along the way.

I liked this book a lot. It was fun to read and very entertaining. My favorite character was Ella but there are many other fun characters too. Ella is my favorite because she is very strong willed but at the same time very like-able. The ending is my favorite. I like the ending because of the similarities of this book to another of my favorite books. I thought the similarities were very interesting.

I would recommend this book to any of my friends and even family members. I don't think age is an issue. An adult would enjoy it too. Although there are parts with ogres and giants, I think it is a book the girls would enjoy rather than guys.