To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee

The story To Kill a Mockingbird was mostly about a trial against a black man, and the life of the defendant and his children. The main character was Scout, who represented Harper Lee in her life. Other characters were Jem, Atticus, Mr. Yule, Dill, Arthur Radley (Boo), and Tom Robinson (the black man). The beginning of the story mostly revolved around the “Radley Place” and the Ideas that everyone came up with. “Boo” actually wants to stay inside his house, the kids sneak onto his property several times. There was a jailhouse scene that moved me because Scout convinced a mob not to hurt Tom Robinson. At the time she thought that she had made a terrible mistake. My favorite character was Scout, because she is a fun- loving tomboy. She was lots of fun to listen to.

I actually liked the book a lot, it had lots of action and conflicts. I don’t exactly know how to tell you, but it was a extremely fun book. I do relate to Scout because I like getting dirty, and having fun. I Also relate to Dill in the way that we both are very emotional, and sensitive. SPOILER ALERT: my favorite part was the end of the book when “Boo” appears out of his house for the first time and saves Scout and Jem from a certain death. I liked this part because it gave me a kind of relieved feeling. SPOILER ALERT: my least favorite part of the book was when the Finch family found out that Tom Robinson was shot. It just makes me really mad to hear what people used to do back then! If I could change anything in the book, I would’ve not let Tom Robinson get shot. It just makes me sad.

I would recommend this book to a lot of my friends who like adventure. if you like lots of content and action packed book, you’d enjoy this book. If you don’t like cruelty, or tragedy in books, you probably wouldn’t want to read this book. Overall this was an extremely enjoyable book! `


Little Women
written by Louisa May Alcott
(This review contains Spoilers, if you don’t want to know, DO NOT READ)

The story was about four girls and what they went through about twenty years of their life. They encountered conflicts in many areas of the story. The main character was Jo March, she has a kind of boyish attitude and was a “tom-boy”, as we would call her now. Meg March, the oldest of all the sisters was the “pretty one” and was quite a little lady. Beth March was the “angel” of the family; She never thought of herself only others. Amy March grew up a very pretty woman, and reminded me of Meg. Laurie or “Teddy” was a mischief-making playboy that became the sisters “brother”. They had many adventures and travels, Jo was a very passionate writer. SPOILER ALERT: One of the major conflicts in this story was when Beth gets sick, that really impacted me a lot. My favorite character was probably Jo, because she was good friends with boys and was very adventurous.

I actually liked the book a lot because it wasn’t just a story about one adventure. It was a story that lasted for several years, and I like that overall picture. I related a bit to Jo because sometimes I wish that I could have the life of a boy. It must have been harder for girls like Jo back then because girls were expected to be proper little ladies. My favorite part of the story was when Jo met Mr. Bhaer because he was such a jolly fellow, and good with kids too. SPOILER ALERT: My least favorite part of the book was when Beth died, because she was the nicest of the family and I hated to see her go like that! SPOILER ALERT: If I could change anything in this book, I would not let Beth die, because she would be a great help to people in the future.

I would recommend this book to people who like a variety of events in a story. If you like conflicts, read this book. If you like history, you should read this book. If you enjoy short comedy books, this is probably not a good book for you. Overall I thought this book was quite an enjoyable experience to read.

This is little women

The Diamond of Drury Lane
By: Julia Golding

The Diamond of Drury Lane is about a little girl they call Miss cat royal. But call her Cat for short. Cat is a orphan that lives at a theater. When she was a baby someone put her in a basket in front of the theater door. The Manager of the theater found her and took her in the theater. People said that the manager was drunk then because, he would have never done such a nice thing. One day at the theater there was a play during the play the manager left mysteriously. Cat followed and saw a strange man walk in the theater. Cat hide behind a curtain that was in the room. Then the manager came in and they started talking about a diamond. The Strange man said to keep his diamond safe and the manager said he would. Then Cat moved and the man saw. He jerked aside the curtain to find Cat and yelled "A SPY!".... Read to find out what happens next.

I read the title and thought it sounded like a good book. I made a bet that I could read it in a week so I read a lot. If I would have just read the first few pages I would have stopped reading it, but since I had a bet I kept reading and I am glad. After the first few pages it was really interesting. I loved the book. I related to Cat the most. She reminded me of me in many ways. Not to do with orphanage or living in a theater but, she was so daring. She loved adventure and was ready anytime. My favorite part of the book was later on in the book. It was my favorite part because, it was a part that you didn't know what was going to happen. I wish that the book didn't have so much bad words.

I recommend this book to my class mates. It makes you go deep into thought. It has lots of characters. More than just Cat and the manager. If you like remembering names, Adventure, Daring moments, and lots of action than this is the book I recommend for you!


Of Mice and Men
By: John Steinback

Of Mice and Men is about two guys named George and Lennie. In the book Lennie is mentally retarded and likes touching soft things. Lennie and George are run out of town when Lennie touches a soft dress that someone is wearing. The girl accuses Lennie of raping her. People run after them wanting to kill Lennie. They then go to a farm and get some more work. They want to have a farm with chickens, cows and rabbits and Lennie wants to tend the rabbits. George says that he can’t tend to them unless he stays out of trouble. So when they get to the farm George tells Lennie he can’t say anything unless George says its okay. When they started working Lennie finds out that there are puppies George lets him pet them but knows he will eventually kill them because of his massive strength. The bosses son’s wife comes into the barn one day and sees Lennie there, she lets him touch her soft hair...Read it to find out what happens next.

I really liked the book because it was something I couldn’t put down. The day I got it I read for hours! I really like books that do that to me. I can’t relate to any of the characters though. I really liked the parts when Lennie always talks about caring for the rabbits. The conflicts between characters were that George never really understood Lennie, and he always yelled at him. I didn’t like the end but I can’t tell you want happened. I would change some parts but it would just change the story so I can’t really change anything.

I would recommend this book to people who like reading books where people talk like Southern people saying like jus’ and stuff like that. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who like fairy tales and mysteries. I would recommend this book to everyone. It was that good of a book. I hope you read it AND enjoy it!

Soon to be Free
By: Lois Ruby

Soon to be Free is about a girl living in a house out in Lawrence, Kansas built by a famous architect and was also a safe house on the Underground Railroad. The story starts when her parents turn the house into a bed and breakfast and the first guest, which is the Burk family comes. Dana knows that the Burks are here for another reason besides vacation, when she sees them snooping she get suspicious. She knows they are looking for a 150 year old document linked to the person that built the house. What happens? Read the book to find out.

I personally liked the book because it was set in Kansas. I really liked the part where she finds the Burks snooping. I can relate to Dana, the main character, because she is a girl who likes to read but also likes snooping and adventure. I did not like one part though which is… SPOILER ALERT! When she is gagged and is almost thrown out the window by the Burks. I wish I could change the part which I did not like was when she was gagged.

I highly recommend this book for people who love mysteries. Do not read the book if you like fairytales and stuff like that. This book is mostly a historical fiction so if you love reading them read this book.

Bud, Not Buddy

By: Christopher Paul Curtis


Bud, Not Buddy is a story about a kid named Bud who lives in an orphanage. He runs away from a family and sets out to find who he hopes is his father (Herman E. Colloway). From clues that his mother left him he makes it to Grand Rapids, Michigan. There he finds Herman E. Colloway with his band. Then well, that’s for you to find out.

I liked the book because it was exciting and sad. The person I related to the most was Steady Eddie (he was the sax player) because he likes to play music and so do I. My favorite part of the book is when Bud thinks a man named Lefty Lewis is a vampire and drives of in his car but he sure didn’t get far. It was my favorite because I like mythical creatures. My least favorite part of the book was when he was at the orphanage because there isn’t much action. If I could change something in the book it would probably be that I would make Herman nicer.

I would recommend this book to people from ages 10-12. They would like it because its right in that reading area. People who like more fantasy genre wouldn’t really like this book that much because everything they talk about can truly happen. I hope you enjoy this book!!!


By: James A. Michener

Centennial is based around a fictional town in Colorado, called Centennial. Some of the main characters were; Lame Beaver, Levi Zent, Jim Lloyd, Oliver Seccombe, John Skimmerhorn and many, many others. Conflicts these characters faced were both within the characters themselves, and outside the characters through other sources, mainly human conflict. My favorite character would have to be Lame Beaver. He was brave, a courageous leader, and a great warrior. He had no fear in fighting with enemies, and this character taught me much about the indian way of life.

I loved this book because all the stories were interconnected beyond imagining. I first thought that I would just be "following" one character throughout the book, but you got to see through the eyes of many of the people. I didn't relate directly to any characters in particular, but all the characters were well built and easy to relate to. My favorite part of the book was when you saw the Great Plains through the eyes of Lame Beaver, he had many experiences, and it seemed you were there experiencing it with him. There were many good parts in this books, but one story that really had got to me was a story about a kid. His name was Timmy and he was about 14. One year he went to "Catch It. Keep It." contest. He was the youngest when he tried to catch a calf he couldn't because he wasn't big enough, but he put up a good fight. So they gave him a calf anyway. Timmy then went home and his family went through very hard times, it was the year of the dust bowl, the family even almost lost their house. The next year came around, and he wen't back to Denver to show off his fattened calf. He then won, and he was really excited to come back home so he could tell him mom that he won. But when he got home he found there wasn't a light on, which there usually was when one of the kids was coming home at night. Then he found that the gate was open, which he father would never allow. When he went inside he found his whole family dead. This wasn't my favorite part of the story, but it was very powerful how Michener described it. Another good part in the book was following the path of the traders, I never realized how much these people had to go through to trade with the indians. There was a french trader with the name of Pasquinel, he traded along the Platte. He traded guns, jewelry, and tools for beaver skins he could sell in St. Louis. Once he had a run in with an, I think it was the Ute, Indian tribe. They were supposed to be allies with him though, they were accompanying him down the Platte. They stole all his gear, and almost killed him. He then ended up marrying an Indian woman, but not one from the same tribe that betrayed him.

I would recommend this book to young adults, probably around 15 years old, or older of course. It can get intense at times, but I think most teenagers would enjoy this book if they liked reading. If someone doesn't enjoy reading, they shouldn't read this book. First of all, its pretty long, and second of all because it can get confusing at times, and it may make the reader discouraged and stop wanting to read it.


By: Wilson Rawls

This story was about a boy name Billy and his two dogs Old Dan and Little Ann. The dogs and Billy had a very tight relationship and they went hunting every night. The dogs were coon hunters and they were very loyal. The biggest problem in this story was when the Pritchard boys made a bet with Billy and his grandpa and one of the Pritchard boys dies because he was running and he tripped and an ax went right through him. The most exciting adventure in this book to me was when Old Dan, Little Ann, Billy, grandpa, and his dad went to a big coon trapping convention and after they one they got 300 dollars and they also got a gold cup for winning.

I loved this book mainly because of the loyalty his dogs showed him. Yes I can relate to Billy because at one point he was 11 years old in the story and I am 11 years old. My favorite characters were the dogs because I thought it was cool to listen to the way they hunt. My favorite part of the book was when they one all of the money and the gold cup because they worked so hard for it. I didn't really have a least favorite part of this book mainly because there was never a part where it got boring because it was always having something different happen. I don't think I would change much about this book except the ending because it was kind of a sad ending I would make it be a happy ending.

I would only recommend this book to some of my friends that would take the time to understand the good parts of the book. I think a lot of teachers should read this to their third graders and their fourth graders because I think they would all enjoy this book. People who would not take the time to go through the important parts of the book and would actually focus on the book.

Kaleidoscope Eyes

by: fallentplc

It’s the summer of 1968 during the Vietnam war, and Lyza’s mother has deserted the family. She has began a pirate treasure hunt, after Lyza’s grandfather dies and leaves her a treasure map. Lyza was the only one who enjoyed going on treasure hunts with him. With the map, and helped by her friends, Malcolm and Carolann, Lyza starts to find the lost treasure of pirate Captain Kidd, hidden in their state of New Jersey behind Malcolm's father's Church.
I really enjoyed this book because it made me feel as if I was actually digging up the treasure with them. My favorite character was Lyza because, She is very curious and is very smart.
I would urge anyone to read this book if they would like to read an abundantly stimulating book! Don't read this book if you like non-fiction stories, because this book might not be as interesting to them as it might be to a person who does enjoy reading fiction.external image images.jpg


The Outsiders

By S.E. Hinton

While reading The Outsiders I was taken back to the late 1940’s. This book was following Ponyboy a 14 year old “greaser”. Ponyboy and his “gang” have to deal with the Socs (the rich west siders). While walking to the park with his friend Johnny they get into some trouble with some Socs, and Ponyboys life has a dramatic change when Johnny does something he will never forget.

I really enjoyed this book although it was really sad at sometimes. My favorite character was Johnny. I liked Johnny because he was very innocent and nice. My favorite part of the book was when Ponyboy and Johnny jump on a train to go to Windrixville. I liked that part because it was very exciting going so fast on a train. My least favorite part of the book was when Johnny kills Bob (a drunk soc). I didn't like that part because it was very violent and frightening. If I could change something in the book I would make the Socs less violent and mean.

I would recommend this book to people who like gang violence and book that are set back in time. I would not recommend this book to people who don’t like violent books and to people who like to read longer books, because this book you could probably read it in one sitting. If you’re the kind of person who would like this book then I hope you get a chance to read it, if not keep looking for a good book!
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