Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
by:Jeff Kinney
reviewed by: Tyler

Greg Heffley is a middle schooler that got beat up all the time, now he is trying to impress a girl and not get shipped off to Military School. Greg's best friend Rowley still acts like a kid. The other main character in the book is Holly Hills. This is the girl Greg likes. Will he finally get up enough nerve to ask her to the dance?

I really liked this book because it was funny. My favorite character would have to be Greg because he is funny and he is always getting into a mess he can't get out of. My favorite part in the book is when they go to church and Greg gets chocolate all over his church pants so he has to wear his mom's sweater as a kilt or skirt. If I could change anything about this book I would make it a little funnier.

I would recommend this book to some of my friends that like the comedy genre. Don't read this book if you don't like comedy. This book is enjoyable and a great quick read.

By: Andrew Clements

This story was about a boy named Nick who invented a new word called Frindle. Frindle was the new word for pen. The main Characters in this book were Nick who invented the word, and Mrs. Granger who wanted to stop nick from using the word Frindle. The problems in the story for the Nick was that when he would say frindle he had to stay after school and write 100 sentences that said, “I wrote this sentence with a pen.” The exciting adventures in this book was when everybody in town started using the new word. Mrs. Granger was my favorite character in the story because she wanted the word to get into the dictionary all along, but she didn’t tell him.

I liked this book a lot. I related to Mrs. Granger, because when I want somebody in my family to stop they won’t and I have to keep on telling them to until they stop. My favorite part in the book was when Nick got the dictionary 10 years later and it had his word in it. That part was my favorite part because, his word was in the dictionary. When Nick was making a peeping noise because he thought the teacher looked like a hawk, and then ended up getting another person trouble. If I could change something in the book I would change how Mrs. Granger made people stay after school for just using a word that wasn’t in the dictionary.

I would recommend this book to many of my friends, if my friends don’t read long books. I would recommend this book to my friend Mary. I think that people who read long books and like nonfiction or history should not read this book.

The Janitor's Boy
By Andrew Clements
Reviewed by AH

The characters are Jack Rankin and his dad John Rankin. Jack had a great sense of smell. Jack could tell what there having for lunch he could tell what kind of jello orange or cheery. The smell he heated was the janitor's room. He did not like one of the janitors. That one was his dad. John Rankin was the janitor at Jacks school. Jack heated it because he had got made fun of in second grade. Jack did not like being the janitors son. Since Jacks dad was the janitor he wanted to do something bad so his dad had to clean it up. He was chewing thirteen pieces of gum in music. He took the pieces out of his mouth and put the gum all over the desk he was sitting at. That day he was packing up his stuff then there was an announcement and he heard his name it said Jack Rankin pleases come to the office. He did and the principle said what were you thinking and sat down and started writing a note to his parents. After school he had to stay after and clean the desk he put the gum on and clean the tables in the library. He took the note down to his dad and he was not there so he was like ill just stick around and wait for him. Then Lou came down he was a janitor to he was like your dad is upstairs fixing the sink in the science room. So I have to go up the stairs. I get to the science room and showed my dad the note. He said go get a bucket and a knife to scrap the gum off and some paper towels to wipe it off. So I have to go back down stairs and got the stuff and started working.

My favorite person is Jack because his ideas that is something I would do because he is kinda of a snoop. I an sometimes a snoop so I kinda relate with Jack. I did not want to tell you the rest because it has a good ending. I like this book but it was not my favorite. It was not interesting because there was no good thing about Jack he was boring.

If you like books about a boy respecting his dad of what his job is you should read this book. If you don't like books about a boy respecting his dad of what his job is should not read this book.

by Andrew Clements
Reviewd by AH

This story is about Nick Allen and his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Granger. There was only 1 week left of Nick's 4th grade, so Nick wanted to talk with his friends that were in 5th grade about their teachers. They met up for lunch and one kid said that Mrs. Granger was the meanest teacher he'd ever had.
It was the first day of 5th grade for Nick and he was going to be in Mrs. Granger's 7th period class. Nick was scared but when he walked into her room he was thinking this was not so bad after all. When she started to teach it was bad. The first thing they did in in her class was a spelling practice and a quiz. She was a pretty harsh teacher
so Nick thought about trying his time-user trick that had worked on other teachers.

He saw a bunch of dictionaries on a bookshelf so that made him ask a question about them. He thought that she would just blabber about them for a long time until the class was over. So his plan didn't work so she told him do a report on what a dictionary is. That night he looked in a dictionary and there was a big long paragraph that had answered Mrs. Granger's
question. So the next day he read that long paragraph to the class till there was only 10 more minuets left of class and at the end of the paragraph it said that all the words are not made up by famous. So Mrs. Granger had to talk about it and she that is true, anyone can make up a word. That gave Nick an idea. So when he got home he went straight to his room and thought of making a new word frindle that's it that is going to mean pen.

That morning before he went to school he went to Penny Pantry to buy a frindle so he went up to the clerk and said can I have a black frindle and the clerk was like what so then Nick pointed at one. At school he told all his friends. And his friends told there friends and there friends told there friends and there friends told there friends so the whole school new about Nick's word then Mrs. Granger heard about the word and she got pretty mad about it. After school his friends went to Penny Pantry to buy a frindle.

My favorite character was Nick because of all his ideas he had. I didn't want to tell all the story because I wanted you to read it because it has an awesome ending. It was surprising that he was everyone's hero and was famous for the word frindle. There was nothing wrong about the book.

I loved the book and I think you should read it. It is really good. People who don't like funny stories or stories about a boy and a teacher and a mom and a dad should not read this book.

The Day My Butt Went Psycho
By: Andy Griffiths

This story is a bout a boy named Zack. Zack had a butt that would run away and start butt rallies. Zach went after his butt and Picture_18.pngalmost died butt the B-Team (Eleanor, The Kisser, The Kicker and The Smacker) saved him. Then they had to take the butt-mobile across the Great Windy Dessert then cross the Brown Forest last but not least they crossed the great Butt Sea. There was a big problem because the butts were making a buttcano. They would fire it and knock out all human and “Rearrange” which meant put the butts where the heads are all the humans. My favorite character was Eleanor.

I personally liked the book a lot. I thought I was most like the character Zach because he gets in a lot of trouble. My favorite part was when Zach defeated Stenchgantor. My least favorite part was when he stayed at Ned Smelly’s house in the Great Windy Dessert. I didn’t like that part because there wasn’t much action. If I could change something in the book I would probably make Ned Smelly a super villain.

I would recommend this book to people who like kinda gross stuff. I would recommend it to people age 8-11. It uses smaller words and is not very confusing. It might be a little to complicated for anyone under 8 yrs. I hope you will enjoy this book. (Oh and its not a true story)

Blubber By Judy Blume

I read the book “Blubber”. It all started when this girl named Linda who was giving a report on whales and their blubber. This girl named Wendy made a note
and passed it to this girl named Jill. The note said “Blubber is a good name for her”. Then Jill crumpled the note up and put it in the corner of her desk. Then the next thing she knew some boy grabbed the note and read it. He started laughing and then he passed the note. And soon the note had traveled half way across the room. What else will lay for this classroom? What more twists and turns will happen? Read “Blubber” to find out.

I think all this could have been prevented. If the teacher would have cared more all this blubber stuff could have been caught. If the teacher had done something in the beginning when it was really small but she let it go on. This teaches teachers that maybe you need to pay more attention to your class. And Jill could have done what Wendy said too. But she did not listen. But the story would have ended up better if Wendy was nicer. And because she was so mean she lost Caroline and Jill’s friendship too. Wendy also lost everybody’s trust pretty much. But Jill made a new friend so things turned out good for her. I would offer this book to a lot of people.


A School Story

by: Andrew Clements

A School Story

By: Andrew Clements

Natalie and Zoe are the main characters. Zoe could not wait to read the end of Natalie’s book. She was writing a book called “The Cheater”. She needs an agent to help her with her book. She does not know who to get. It turns out be Zoe. Her editor turns out to be her Mom. She wants to publish it but she can’t. Will Natalie and Zoe be able to publish her book? Find out when you read this book.

What I liked about the book I that Natalie turned her name into Cassandra Day. That was a good name. Another thing I liked is to have her Mom as her editor. What I didn’t like was that mean lady Letha Springfield. Another thing I didn’t like is when Natalie’s Mom almost gets fired.

I recommend this book to people that like school books. I also recommend this book to people who like mystery. I do not recommend this book to people who do not like mean people and school.

Mostly Harmless
By Douglas Adams
Review by Eric Roland

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series has a couple characters show up in Mostly Harmless. The first, and one of the main characters of Mostly Harmless is Tricia McMillan. The other characters in the series are: Arthur Dent, and Ford Perfect. All of the characters kind of have their own conflicts with the aliens planning to blow up the Earth. Tricia is visited by the Grebulons, and is told she needs to help them on Rupert (the tenth planet not far from Pluto). Arthur unexpectedly meets his supposed daughter, Random. Ford basically escapes from the Vogons at the Hitchhikers offices. Ford finds the Hitchhikers Guide 2.0 while escaping, and he gives it to Arthur. Arthur later misplaces it, and later forgets about it. Everybody eventually meets each other. Once Random meets Tricia, Random claims that Tricia is her mother and starts arguing with her. Random is very angry at her parents, and later tries to kill Arthur, and misses killing another man. They have to hide away after that, so because of this the Grebulons think it would be safe to destroy Earth now. Spoiler Alert: While escaping again, they are using the Hitchhikers Guide 2.0, due to some reverse engineering (forgot what it was called) the whole group ended up on Earth when it was about to be destroyed.
I did like this book in some ways, the sci-fi humorish tone to it was a little over the top to me. I still enjoyed the book though. I don't believe I could relate to any of these characters due to the awkwardness of their roles. I thought the end of this book was exciting, I felt like that would be the end of the series. At times I felt that the interplanetary terms were a little much to take in, I wasn't greatly disappointed with any parts of the book. Although the Volgons, and the Grebulons, and all of the silly names were a little over the top, I think they added to the excitement. I wouldn't really want to change the book in many ways.
I would recommend this book to the more humorish types. I wouldn't recommend it for people who don't like big/strange words, or the more serious people.


By: Andrew Clements

Frindle is a book about a kid name Nick who is in fifth grade. Mrs. Granger is the fifth grade teacher and she is the meanest teacher in the school. Mrs. Granger makes Nick write a report on how words get into the dictionary. He finds out that everyone decides the words in the dictionary. He has a great idea to change the word pen to frindle. He gets all of his friends to follow suit and soon the whole world is saying it.

I liked the book because it was funny and interesting. I think that I related to Nick because he is smart, funny and comes up with great ideas. My favorite part of the book was when a big company stated making pen that said frindle on the side. My least favorite part of the book was when Nick was writing his review. I didn’t like that part because there wasn’t really anything very interesting going on. If I could change some thing in the book I would have made Mrs. Granger a little nicer

I would recommend this book to people who like humorous books. I would not recommend this book to people who like books chalked full of facts because it is not very “facty”. If you ever get a chance to read this book I hope you enjoy it!


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

By: Douglas Adams

Arthur Dent is rescued by his friend, Ford Prefect, seconds before the Earth is destroyed to make way for an intergalactic freeway. Together they travel through the universe facing Vogon poetry, planet building industries, and little white mice. Guided by helpful quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, this book follows them in their adventures through the galaxy powered by pure improbability to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Sometimes this book is hard to understand, doesn't make sense, and is almost completely unexpected, but it is funny because of the complicated plots. Some of the unusual happenings include whales falling from the sky, planet sized computers, and designing fjords. I enjoyed this book. Douglas Adams writes in a way that is similar to Lemony Snicket: it has unexpected comments and strange plots, but that just adds to the fun. It is the first book in a series of Hitchhiker's Guide books.

If you don't understand complicated stories of if you don't have a very good attention span you probably won't like this book. I would recommend this book to middle-school students that enjoy unusual and complicated plots. If you enjoy books like that then you will absolutely love The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Diary of aWimpy Kid
By: Jeff Kinney
Reviewed by Tyler
The story was about this kid named Greg who gets bullied all the time. The main character is Greg Heffley, he has two brother's named Manny and Rodrick. His best friend is Rowley. There is also is mom and dad. The problem for Greg was he was in middle school and he had one friend. So he wanted more friends or to be more popular.

I liked this book because it is a comedy. I think i relate to Greg a little because i have like 3 or 4 really good friends. Which I think isn't a lot. My favorite character is definitely Manny because he gets in trouble all the time and always get's away with it. My least favorite part was the cheese touch part. Greg and Rowley made these older kids mad. So at the end of the book they made Rowley eat the cheese that was sitting there for a long time. I would try to make the book a little bit funnier.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes comedy. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody who doesn't like comedy. I don't think anybody who doesn't like comedy because this book is really funny.

by:Andrew Clements
Frindle is about a boy named Nick. Nick made a new word. his word is frindle. frindle is the new word for 'pen' according to Nick. As Nick tells his friends not to say the word pen ever again, the new word starts to spread around.

I liked the book a lot. My favorite character was Nick, because he had a lot of great ideas. My favorite part was when the word started to grow because it fascinated me. My least favorite part was when the teacher was getting really mad at Nick because i don't like it when people are mean. My least favorite character was the teacher Mrs.Granger because she was really mean. I wouldn't change the ending of this book because it was sweet.

I would recommend this book for my friends because they are Andrew Clements fans.