The Lovely Bones

By: Alice Sebold


The Lovely Bones is a book about a young girl named Susie Salmon. She was a nice young girl who loved her father, and had a very special relationship with him. One day she was walking home from school, when a man named Mr. Harvey, murdered her. When the police come to the Salmon household to two very worried parents, they tell them that he thinks she has been murdered. When in heaven, Susie likes to watch her friends and her family. Maybe watching them talk about her, or just live their normal lives. After the death, after Abigail (Mom) has an affair with Len Fenerman. When Abby starts to feel bad about being with Len, she leaves and goes out west to California. When Jack (Dad) has a heart attack, Abby decides to come back to live with them. Eventually Lindsey (Susie's sister) gets married to a man name Samuel Heckler. Basically after this, life is fine for them. Although Mr. Harvey was never found.

I really liked this book. I thought that at the very beginning, it was not having very much grace and calmness in it. But towards the end, it had all of that good stuff, beauty, love, and grace. I think out of anybody in the book, I related most to Samuel because he is a fun-loving guy, he really cares about the special people in his life, and he knows when he needs to be serious. My favorite character is Susie Salmon because she is easy-going, she loves her parents deeply, and she is just very nice to people. My favorite part of the book is when Susie makes an icicle fall on Mr. Harveys head towards the end, causing him to be covered up in the snow for weeks, most likely killing him. My least favorite part is probably when she is being murdered because it is pretty graphic, and its just an unpleasant thing. If I could change something in the book, it would be that Mr. Harvey gets caught by the police, and goes to jail.

I don't think really many of my male friends would like this kind of book. But quite a few of my female friends would like this because I think most of them would like this kind of book. I think people that like fast-moving books, and don't like a lot of action kind of parts in their books could like this book. People that well, obviously don't like fast-moving books, do like a lot of action, and books that have quite a bit of drama in it.

Midnight For Charlie Bone

By: Jenny Nimmo


The story is about a boy named Charlie Bone who has lived a completely normal life, until now. Charlie's Dad's side of the family has various special powers, these people are called endowed, and it was thought that Charlie didn't. But he realized that he could hear peoples voices in pictures. When his also endowed aunts figure out of this, they decide that he needs to go to a school named Bloor's Academy. Bloor's is special school for these types of people. At the school, there is a girl named Emilia Moon, (isn't her REAL name) who is supposedly being hypnotized by Manfred Bloor. This is the main adventure in the book, he is supposed to wake her up, so that she can figure out who she really is, and who her real family is.
I thought this book was pretty good. I don't think that I relate to any of the characters in this book much. My favorite character is Charlie because he is easygoing, fun, and he likes soccer a lot. My favorite part of the book is when Charlie, Fidelio, Olivia, and a couple other people were waking up Emilia (Emma) with an invention that Emma's dad had made, specifically for waking her up from her trance. I can't really think of a part in the book that I didn't really like. Given there really isn't any part in the book that I didn't like, I can't think of something I would change in the book either.
I would totally recommend this book to my friends. People that don't like mystery and like a little more excitement in their books probably wouldn't like this book a whole bunch. Like I previously said, this is a mystery type of book, and people that like those books would like this book, seeing as it is very interesting.

The Mystery Of The Secret Message
By Gertrude Chandler Warner
Book Review By dancerdarian54

The Alden children, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny, are always finding something interesting to do which usually turns into a mystery to solve. This book if no different in that sense.

As this book begins, they are helping their grandfather by assisting him in getting the town of Greenfield ready for the Greenfield Winter Festival. The children are doing a lot of little jobs like cleaning the statue of Josiah Wade which stands in the town square, keeping track of appointments in Jessie’s notebook, helping decorate and planning booths for the event.

Because they are so used to having a mystery to solve, they are a little bored with their various jobs, but are still working hard to help Grandfather. When Violet picks up her photographs that she had developed at the drugstore, the mystery begins. One photo does not belong to her and it has a strange blank space on it. The children attempt to find the owner of the photo, but don’t have much luck.

Many mysterious things begin to happen as the Alden family tries to figure out what is going on. The statue of Josiah Wade gets painted bright red in the middle of the night, the beautiful decorations are torn down, their own belongings are searched by someone and Violet’s camera is stolen. Not only that, but Grandfather Alden begins to have troubles too. The clown for the festival cancels and the construction crew quits!

The Alden children still think that the mysterious photograph is part of the puzzle. Different events make them suspicious of their townspeople merchants and friends. No one is considered safe! They believe that there has to be a connection between the photo and all the crazy things that have happened. As they learn of other possible pieces of the mystery, the story begins to make sense and it all revolves around the statue. Now what remains is to find out who is responsible for the crazy events.

By paying close attention to what goes on around them and with a little luck, the children are able to figure out the culprit. Not only do they find the guilty party, but they discover a special piece of history at the same time.

The Boxcar Children series is one of my favorites to read. I love the adventures that Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny always seem to find. I would recommend this book to a friend my age or any book of the series.

pinkchica97 "The Shack"
William P. Young

Four years after the abduction of Mackenzie Philips' daughter, Missy, he receives a letter from "God" saying to come to the place where they found the remains of his daughter. Though he doesn't believe it at first he makes the arrangements to travel to "The Shack". Somehow the shack transforms from a run down, piece of junk to a beautiful well-kept cabin. When he's there he meets three people: Eloisa (God), a large African-American woman who runs the place, Jesus, a young to middle-aged man of Middle-Eastern descent and the Holy Spirit is played by Sarayu, a small, delicate and eclectic woman from an Asian background. While he's there he gets an understanding of why you go through struggles and where God is when you are going through them.
I really enjoyed reading this book and could relate because of what my family and I are going through. I think the most touching part was when Jesus spent the time to talk to him in all he was going through underneath the stars. I think I related to his other daughter because she is just pushed aside and feels like all her feelings have to be kept inside. I think my favorite character would have to be Eloisa because she is so outgoing and is so gentle and loving.
I would recommend this book to anyone who would need it because it relates to so many people who I know have already√ read it. I think that people going through a hard struggle with family or friends should read it because it helps touch the emotions that need to be touched. I think people who are very emotional or take bad situations and make them worse should not because this could be too much for them.

The Kidnappers
Willo Davis Roberts
Joey Bishop goes to a private school and has given the school bully a bloody nose, accidentally. Willie Groves promises Joey him that he will get revenge. Joey doesn't know what to think does Willie want to give Joey a bloody nose too or is he going to give him the beating of his life. But on the day he was to get beat up he sees Willie being taken by a strange man, Willie struggling is pushed into a car. Joey doesn't know what to think is this a good thing or a bad thing. He came to a conclusion it was a bad thing because, he might hate Willie but he never wanted him to be kidnapped.
I did enjoy this book, I've read it more than twice! I think I would have to say my favorite character is Willie because, he isn't just a mean person, Joey finds out how helping he can be. My favorite part was in the beginning when he is at home and his family are talking about him getting guts and fighting Willie. Even though Joey knows that he will get smashed.
I would recommend this book it is very intriguing and has you on the edge of your seat. I think mystery lovers should read this book it's very interesting book.

Written by: Agatha Christie

“And Then There Were None” is a great book, and full of mystery. The book is centered around a group of ten people, all accused of murder. They are all invited to Indian Island by a mysterious U. N. Owen . They realize that none of them have ever known a U. N. Owen, but he seems to be informed of their jobs and close friends. They analyze their surroundings. They find that none of the employees have ever truly laid eyes on Owen. They vigorously search for some kind of clue in the name U. N. Owen. Then they finally find the clue, U. N. known! That’s when it starts. After the first death they all search every inch of the island, but no one is there but their nine selves. So the murderer must be one of them........

I really really enjoyed the book. It was full of suspense and paranoia. I related to Vera Claythorne because if I were in that situation I wouldn’t have been able to handle the tension and probably would’ve gone mad. My favorite character was Vera because she seemed to have no remorse and was a real tough cookie. My favorite part of the book was when the murderer confessed because that’s when everything suddenly made sense. My least favorite part of the book was close to the middle because the murders slowed down and it got a little boring. I wouldn’t change anything in the book because the mystery fits together in the end.

I would recommend this book the my friends who like murder mystery. I you don’t like suspense paranoia or gore, this is NOT the book for you. Overall this book was great, one of the best I’ve ever read.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

The book is a murder mystery; the characters go to a small country town and try to unveil a sinister plot. The main characters were Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Sir Henry Baskerville. Sir Henry Baskerville is the heir to a large fortune. His uncle was killed. So Holmes and Watson try to protect Sir Henry.

I liked Dr. Watson’s character in the book. The author told the story from his point of view, which made the story a lot more interesting then from a third person point of view. I thought the book was very interesting, it continuously added twists and surprises. There is a part of the book where Dr. Watson goes on his own to track down someone who was following them. I liked this part very much because it has quite a bit of suspense and builds to the climax. The beginning of the book was a little confusing; you don’t really know what is going on yet. You get on track quickly though.

The book is a classic; I think almost anyone would like it. If you are younger you might want to get an abridged version, some parts are pretty confusing. If you like mysteries or adventures then this book would be very thrilling. There isn’t anything in mind I would change about the book. I definitely think this would be a good book for group discussions.

Cousins In The Castle
By Barbara Brooks Wallace

This book had so many adventures that it was sometimes hard to follow, but it did capture and hold my attention. Amelia is the main character and she really has a rough time. Basically, anything that can go wrong does for Amelia! She is abandoned by practically everyone, but she does manage to make some friends along the way. One of my favorite parts is when her friend, Primrose, reveals the truth. I can’t say too much or it will spoil the story. That part was fun and interesting to read. And, even though they are bad men, Mr. Smeech and Mr. Turk are colorful characters. This story makes the reader feel sorry for Amelia with all that happens to her, so it is that much more exciting when something good happens.

I did like this book. The way it is written really makes a reader wonder what they would do if they were in Amelia’s situation. Amelia is a nice character, but my favorite is Primrose. Primrose is funny, helpful and a good friend with a lot of ideas. My least favorite part of the book is when Primrose has all the bruises from the beatings. It is sad that people act like that towards kids. I liked the ending because it is a happy one and Amelia deserved that after all she went through.

I think that most people my age would enjoy this book. It has a lot of twists to it and that makes you want to read more. Girls or boys would have fun reading this book, but they have to be patient because it is really involved and you have to pay a lot of attention to the little things that happen to the characters.

Peppermints in the Parlor
By: Barbara Brooks Wallace

Peppermints in the Parlor is about a little girl named Emily. Emily's parents just died in a terrible accident and, she was to move to Sugar Hill Hall with her aunt and uncle Twice. It was going to be a fun time... or was it? Who was her aunt Twice protecting? Why was she a prisoner in her own home? Who where the shadows that lurked in the corners? What was the remembrance room? Many more mysteries laid in front of Emily than she thought. Would it end right? Would the fisherman's boy Kipper and than other orphan Tilly help her out of it? Read to find out what happens next.

I thought the book was very interesting and entertaining. It was full of mysteries and surprises. It was like a problem got solved, and then there was a new problem. Problem after Problem, Mystery after Mystery. I couldn't put the book down. It got calm and everything went awesome and then another problem happened. I really didn't have a character I related to. I was kinda with all of them, especially aunty Plumy. When I found out that Aunty Plumy was in with Ms. Meeching I was so surprised. I liked best that it was all mystery. You could guess and never guess right. It was like a Mystery in every corner.

I would recommend this book to my class mates. They would like it if they like: Mystery, Adventure, and Love to wonder what happens next!


Peppermints In The Parlor
By Barbara Brooks Wallace

Peppermints In The Parlor is a book that really makes a reader wonder what is going to happen next. Emily, Kipper, Tilly and Aunt Twice are interesting characters. The sad events in their lives make a reader want to help them. They live under scary circumstances and are very confused about what happens at Sugar Hill Hall. The old people that live there are all sad and depressed and the house “owners” are so mean to everyone in the house. Imagine how it would be for you if you were punished for eating a peppermint! The characters struggle throughout the story just to survive, but still they help others. Emily and Kipper do many things that could get them in trouble to make things nicer for the others. They take a lot of risks to make the others happy.

I thought this book was really entertaining. It caught my attention and I wanted to know more and more as I read the book. Emily was really a hero to me. Her character was easy to relate to since she is about my age. I felt sorry for her and happy for her anytime something good happened for her. I loved the part in the book when Kipper gave Emily a kitten. That was so risky, but so nice of Kipper. Clarabelle, the kitten, made everyone smile. It was really upsetting when she was sent to be killed. That part I didn’t like!

I would recommend this book for any of my friends. It has a lot of twists and turns in the plot. You could never really guess what was going to happen next.

This is a recording of my book review.

The Ghost of the Chattering Bones
Gertrude chandler Warner
By: Leighton TPLC

The story I read was about four kids two boys and two girls. The boy’s names were Henry and Benny. The girl’s names were Violet and Jessie. Benny was defiantly my favorite character because he was the youngest but he was really smart. He also figured out a lot of the mysteries in the book. They were trying to find out whose was making the sounds on the chattering bones bridge. They new it couldn’t be a ghost doing it, because they new ghost’s weren’t real. A lot of the time they ran outside when they heard the noises. They could never find out whom it was tell the end when the person confessed. Whoever it was they somehow got away without showing themselves.

I personally like the book. It is a mystery so some people who don’t like mysteries might not like it. I relate to the character Jessie because she tells people what to do and she also likes taking photos. I am like both of those characteristics. My favorite part of the book was the end because that’s when I figure everything out that I’ve been wondering since the beginning. My least favorite part of the book has to be the middle because I’m left hanging all the time. I usually just want to find out what happens but if I’m reading a mystery I have to go through that. I would like to change some of the ending, but I better not mention that in case you want to go read the book.

I would recommend this book to a lot of my friends. I would only recommend this to people who like mysteries because it is way big on the mysteries.

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Lemony Snicket The Bad beginning
This story is about three children whose parents died so they have to continue life with their relative whose name was Count Olof. These children have many unfortunate events in their life. Once they first got to their relatives, they thought that they had first impressions of it, but it come to be that what they thought were 1st impressions weren’t incorrect. When they were living in Count Olof’s house they were called as orphans and he tried to kill them to get to their parents fortune.

The one character that I could relate to the most was Violate. I can relate to only one character, Violate because I love reading, fixing and “inventing” objects, and I would do anything to keep my siblings from getting hurt or mistreated. I liked this book because I like mysteries and horrible events. I liked this book because it was interesting that these children could learn so much, solve their own problems, and be so intelligent.

I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries, unfortunate events, and surprises! They would like this book because it makes you think and wonder what is happening. If they like stories that are kind of unhappy they would like this book because this book doesn’t have a happy beginning, end, and very few happy things in the middle.

By: Jenny Nimmo

The story was about a boy named Charlie Bone. He was a rather mysterious boy with a really weird family, because they had a lot of mysterious powers. like Charlie's uncle Patton. He can boost the power in light pulps and burst them. But Charlie also has a special gift, he is able to hear the thoughts of people in photographs. Because of his special gift, his aunts are making him attend Bloor's Academy for gifted children. At Bloor's there is a lot of mysterious things happening. Such as billy ravens back stabbing bargain with DR.Bloors father to say everything. That Charlie said that was of use to the Bloors about Emila Moon Who is really Emma Tolly and her dad died and he also created weird inventions. But also Emma can fly and she needs to wake up. Because Mafred Bloor keeps hypnotizing her so she can't wake up. But you must read to find out what the rest are...

I thought the book was awesome! It was so Harry Potter-ish. I really enjoy reading Fantasy books, and this definitely was one of them. I really enjoyed pretty much the whole book, even though the beginning started out not too good because it really did not make much sense. Because the starting sentence was odd.

I would recommend this book to anyone who liked Harry Potter or books with magical characters. You should not read this book if you do not like long books, since it is 401 pages.

Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve
By: Mary Pope Osborne

Book review by dancerdarian54

This story is about Jack and Annie going to a haunted castle on Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween. Merlin requested that Annie and Jack bring order to the castle when he met them in the heart of the oak tree with Teddy. He told them that the fate of Camelot would depend upon them. Jack, Annie and Teddy are the main characters of the story. When they were attempting to find the castle, Annie took care of a bird named Roc and they met an old lady who would say nothing but a riddle. They are able to find the castle and solve the riddle about the castle. They encountered many problems along they way. They had to find the Diamond of Destiny and its hiding place, where the Raven King lived, how to get in the Raven King’s nest to take the Diamond of Destiny back and how to rescue Teddy.

My favorite part of the book is when Jack, Annie and Teddy find the ghost girl and are able to solve the riddle of the castle. The ghost girl is an interesting character even though she is invisible! What makes the ghost girl so interesting is that she is invisible and she was trying to help Jack, Teddy, and Annie. She is trying to right in the dusts what happened and Jack, Annie, and Teddy have to find where she is going. I also had to find out where she is going.

I would recommend this book to anyone my age, that enjoys mysteries and solving them. Jack, Annie and Teddy have a lot of fun (and scary times) while trying to save the castle. It’s fun to read about how they are able to figure everything out.

The story is called Spy Cat by Peg Kehret

This story is about some people having stuff stolen from their different homes and a kidnapping. Some of the main characters are Pete the spy cat helps solve crimes and is part of Benjie's family cat, Benjie Kendrill a child in the story who likes to pretend he's a spy and two thieves named Vance, Porker liked to steal other people's things, Sheriff Alvored and Deputy Flick stopped criminals. Some conflicts were that some had to struggle with some belongings of their stuff that had been stolen. In this story there is a kidnapping as I said before.

I liked this book very much. I felt like Benjie because he likes to pretend he's a spy and sometimes I like to pretend I'm a spy. Pete the cat because I like cats and I like spies so that is why I like Pete the best. When Pete actually get's into the thieves car he eats french fries and a little cheeseburger because I think it ;s odd but fun that a cat eating human food. My least favorite was when the thieves throw Pete out of their van because that is not a way to treat a cat. If I changed something it would be when Benjie asked the thieves for Pete back they just gave Pete back to Benjie and there was none of the three crimes that were committed.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it's a great mystery and tells a kidnapping and getting back people's stolen stuff. I would recommend this book to 4th through college people because they would learn about how bad a kidnapping could possibly be. 1st and 2nd graders because they might get a little scared about the horrible things that might happen to them when they turn older.

By: Madeleine L'Engle
Book Review By: Omaraboy7

This story was about a boy and his friend. These boys names are Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer! Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin are are the main characters. One night while they were in a graveyard and were going to bury a cat they saw 3 people in the graveyard, Muff Potter, Injun Joe, and Doc Savern. The main problem was that while Tom and Huck were in the graveyard those three men were being grave robbers. The two boys didn't know what to do when they saw Injun Joe kill Doc Savern but Injun Joe blamed it on Muff Potter. So the boys had to make a promise not to tell anyone about this terrible and frightening night!!!
Injun Joe hid in a cave because he killed the man and didn't want to be found!

I thought the book was ok. I didn't really relate to any of the characters except for Tom and Huck because they are about my age and that was about it. Tom was my favorite character because he would sneak out and he was the more adventurous person in the story. My favorite part was when they found out Injun Joe committed the murder because I didn't really like him much. The least favorite part of this book was when they were guarding the tavern because not much happened for a while. I think if I could change this book I might make it a little more adventurous and not make it such a big story meaning shortening it.

I wouldn't recommend this to very many of my friends. I think Braden should read this book because he is very adventurous. I think people that aren't into outdoors and long books shouldn't read this book!

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy

By: Jenny Nimmo


Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy is about a boy named Charlie. Charlie can go into pictures and communicate with the people in the picture. He is a child of the Red King, which means he has special powers. He gos to a special school with other kids who have powers. When a new girl named Bella starts to go to school there, Charlie gets suspicious. Why does he eyes always change colors? Why does Dorkas follow Bella around as if she were Bella's dog? Read the book to find out.

I really liked the book. I got really into it after the first chapter, it was really interesting. My favorite character was probably Tancred. Tancred could make storms. He could make strong winds, tornados, anything related to weather. My favorite part of the book was when they found Ollie. My favorite part was when Charlie had to hide Runner bean from his grandmother, because you didnt know if his grandmother would find the dog or if she wouldnt.

I would recommend this book to my friends. It was really interesting and I really liked it. You should read this book if you like mysteries and adventure.