The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1, The Field Guide
By: Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
(This book does NOT contain the ending considering, it had 5 more series. The 5th sere is the ending. It splits it in sections.)

In the book Spiderwick Chronicles The Field Guide, the story is about a boy who is hurt, because his dad left. His family, moves into a HUGE house that was their great grandmas. Since the boy's dad left he got in fights in school, and got a big black eye. The boy's name was Jared Grace. Jared's twin brothers name was Simon and, Simon loved animals. He had two mice, lizards, tadpoles, fish, and a bunch more scaly slimy animals. His older sister, Mallory was in fencing and practiced every day. When they move in the house, Jared hears a noise in the wall and, he tells his brother Simon he thinks it's a squirrel. Simon said he wanted it as a pet. His sister grabs the broom and brakes a hole in the wall, to look, as his mother was shopping. They find a bunch of stuff, wadded up paper, a doll head, hear, cockroaches on a line, a box and much more. They take it out and throw it away. Jared slid across the wall and bumped into a little door, and found a dumbwaiter. Jared got in and Mallory pulled him up and gave him a candle. As he was up there he got scared and dropped the candle. From up there he heard his mom get home and say, "Mallory, Simon, what are you doing up? NO! Your brother is not in the dumbwaiter is he? If he is get him down NOW!" "No he's not in there mother. See?" Simon replied pulling down a empty dumbwaiter. "Now go to bed both of you... if your brother's not in there where is he?" "In bed mother." Simon replied again. "Well do the same, and follow his example." mother said. "Yes mother." they both replied. Jared heard there footsteps walking away. Then he heard him mom unpacking the groceries. Then silence. Complete silence. He was scared then he heard a strange noise the dumbwaiter. It was going down. His siblings where back!

I did like the part of the book episode I read. I saw the movie and I liked it.If I finished reading the series though I think I would have really liked it.

I recommend this book to my friends who like small books. If they like thick books I recommend the series to them. I love the first book, probably will and probably will love the rest!


Bridge Across the Sky: The Berlin Airlift
by Richard Collier
Review by EricTPLC

The book was about the Berlin Airlift, the Berlin Airlift was a significant precursor to the Cold War. The Cold War officially started in Korea (1951), with the conflict between Soviet Russia and the U.S. while occupying N/S Korea. The Berlin Airlift was the first international crisis between the Soviets and U.S., that caused major casualties. This book describes invading Berlin towards the end of the European WWII, to a brief understanding of Korea. That is span of about 4 years, really the Berlin Blockade conflict began in 1948 - 1949. On the U.S. side this conflict was more of an aid to the people of Berlin, since the Soviets had not taken pity to the survivors of the Reich. Instead, the Soviets' "punished" the people, by destroying, stealing, assaulting, etc. the people of their conquered country. This conflict was still known until the more modern event of: The fall of the Berlin Wall, These walls are different blockades between U.S./Soviet occupied portions of Berlin. It's a very deep, and complex story to be handled by an understanding conscience.
I did like this book, only because this is the kind of book I enjoy greatly. Thankfully I can not relate to any of the happenings in this book. This book being non-fiction, there were no real characters. It followed the lives of different air-crews, invading forces, other military personnel. Sadly, I didn't have a favorite part of this book, it was a pretty serious subject. The low point of the book, in my opinion, was when the Soviet personnel mercilessly ravaged the once beautiful; Berlin. I would not change anything in the book, I think it was very descriptive and well written.

I would not recommend this book to anyone who doesn't have a good understanding of: WWII, Soviet Russia, modern conflicts, etc., aka. a good amount of background reading. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about it. Though before you read this book, you seriously should have a good understanding of all/if not most of the related conflicts. Learning about these mineral conflicts today, still even relate back to communist China/Russia. I recommend this book to one interested in strategy, or one who doesn't really understand what the Cold War really was, besides; "nukes." I think most people should eventually read this book, it's important information. Studying this will help your understanding of all conflicts, it will also develop your mature opinions.


The Edge on The Sword by Rebecca Tingle
The story was about a Princess named Flaed who was forced to marry a man from another kingdom to insure peace. The problem was she had never met or even seen him before so as you can well imagine she was not to thrilled about the whole idea.
Some of the main characters are Flaed, Edward ( Flaed's brother ), Wulf ( Edwards dog ), King Alfred, and Red ( Flaed's guard ). Some of the exciting adventures were when Flaed had gone to another town or at least tried to but got ambushed by muggers.

Some of the problems were that she was outnumbered by the muggers that ambushed her. But just to find out just how many people she was dealing with she had had to sneak into their camp and spy on them.
I did like the book though it wasn't science fiction and in my opinion it is the best nonfiction book that I have read. I did not relate to any of the characters in the book. My favorite character is Red because he is really good with a sword.I can tell because when he died he was outnumbered 10 to 1 and he killed at least 6 of them.
I did not have a favorite part of the book but I did have a least favorite part of it and that was when Red died. If there was something that I could change about it It would be I wouldn't have Red die.It bothered me because he is my favorite character and he kind of grows on you throughout the story.

I would not recommend this book to my friends because they are interested in science fiction. Anyone who likes stories that are based on a true story should like this book.