Book Review : Sparrows in the Scullery
By: Bethanieskates
Author: Barbra Brooks Wallace
The story was about Colley, who's new name is Jed, getting kidnapped and brought to the city into the glassworks, to work and be a servant practically with a bunch of other boys. The main characters in this story are Colley, Noah, Zack, Marty, Soup, Lucy, Mr. Crawler and Mrs. Crawler. The major problem in this story is that the boys in this book got kidnapped and brought to this broggin home for boys and makes them work while they are all very weak and get no care besides food at all, they also have absolutely no way out so far with out getting caught and being hurt.

This book was very surprising to me and I have never read another book like this so I think that I like most of it. I did not relate to any of the characters. I think my favorite character was Colley because he never gave up. My favorite part of the book was the ending because it is really happy. My least favorite part was when Colley was actually kidnapped and hurt and didn't do anything and couldn't do anything. If I could change anything in this story I would probly change the last few things that he had said to Lucy.

I would only recommend this book to few of my friends. I think that the people who like adventure and a non-expecting person that doesn't expect things very much to read this book. I think people who might get scared really, really easily might not read this book or some one who doesn't like kind of sad stories should not read this book, because it isn't scary, but it has some sad and weird moments.

The Pity Party
By: peanutinatutu
Author: Alison Pollet9780439681940.jpg

The story in The Pity Party centers around a orphan girl, Cass Levin. Cass’ parents died in a car crash when she was very young. The main characters are Cass Levin and Rod Punkin. Cass is personally close with poetry because she and her mom used to make up poetry lines for fun. Rod is very a mischievous boy. He talks back to teachers and labels people with “behavior problems.” Cass, Rod and classmates made a short film called Olivia Twisted and really bonded over it. The book is kind of a love story that comes about as you read the book.

I was a little bored while reading this book, but it was different from most books. I can relate a little bit to Cass because I sometimes feel like my friends are better friends with each other than they are with me. My favorite character was Rod because he probably has the most unique personality in a character that I’ve ever read about. I don’t really have a favorite or least favorite part of this book, everything stayed about the same for me. I don’t feel like there is anything that needs to be changed in this book, there is already a good balance of every feeling.

I would only recommend this book to a few of my friends. This book would be too easy for some of my friends, and for some it would be just the right length. If you like love stories and realistic situations, you may like this book. However If you enjoy constant action and suspense, you may want to read a different book.

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The Tiger Rising
By: Bethanieskates
Author: Kate DeCamilo

This story was about this kid named Rob Horton, and Rob’s mother died a year ago. Rob and his father moved from Kentucky to Florida. They live in at the Kentucky Star motel. Rob found a tiger in the woods in a cage. On Robs way onto school he found out that there was a new student. The student was a girl, her name was Sistine Bailey. Rob had hurt legs that looked so bad that he had to stay home from school until they got better, because other parents thought it was contagious. Sistine went to Rob everyday after school and gave him his homework. Sistine and rob eventually became friends after a couple days when Sistine went to school. A couple days later Rob told Sistine about the Tiger in the woods in a cage. Then Rob showed Sistine the tiger. The main characters of this story are Rob Horton, Sistine Bailey, Beauchamp, Robert Horton and Willi May. The problem in the story was that there was a tiger. one of the adventures in this story was when Sistine and Rob got chased in school. Another of the exciting adventures was when Robert finally let his feelings out of his suitcase.

I EXTREMELY liked this book. I think I related to the character Sistine. I am like her because she is outgoing and she likes to have things her way. I am like her becuase she likes to do the things that she thinks is right. My favorite character of this story is Sistine because she is a girl and she likes to do things her way and she is very smart and she really likes to do the mostly right things. I wish I could have changed the ending a little bit by making something or someone not die. I would not change the ending that much because it is very happy and emotional and it is great.

I recommend this book to all of the people I know because it is so free and it is very detailed and it just feels like it is so real and I loved it. I think everybody should read this book because it is not hard and it is very exciting.


This is a Recording

By: Barbara Corcoran

The story This is a Recording, is about a girl named Marianne from Boston. Her parents go on a trip to Europe and Mexico and dump her at her grandmother's house in Montana. The main characters are Marianne, Oliver Everybodylooksat, an Indian that works for Marianne's grandmother, and Marianne's grandmother, Katherine. At the beginning, Marianne is skeptical about going to Montana, she may like western movies, and wearing a gunbelt with fake guns around the house, but going to Montana is something she is not totally sure about. Especially since she hasn't seen Katherine since she was two, and to her, that's barely seeing at all. Some of the adventures of her's happen in the woods behind Katherine's house with Oliver. Some of the adventures happen when she's hunting, and some on a little island, but I won't give anymore away!

I have to admit it, I really enjoyed this book, it was one of the less romantic realistic fiction's I have read. I was excepting some at the beginning, but when there was none, I was first disappointed, but then I realized, hey this a cool book who cares? I related to Marianne in a way, because I have lived multiple places, and have traveled occasionally. One of the times, I went to Tennessee, all by my lonesome, to see my brother. At first I was unsure about going, but when it was time to go I really didn't want to leave. My favorite characters are Oliver and Katherine. I like Oliver because he has a big soft spot for animals, and would rather sleep in a barn than in a house. I like Katherine because she doesn't really seem 65, and she also was once a great actress (and still is) before she moved to Montana to marry a rancher. My favorite part of the book was when you learn that two deer in the forest (a doe and a buck) are always together because the buck is blind and the doe leads him around the woods. My least favorite part is hard to choose because it's such a good book! But if i had to choose it would have to either be when the people in New York made fun of Marianne, or when the doe and buck got shot. I would probably change where the buck and doe got shot, but then again, if I did, The story would be way different.

I would probably recommend this to my friends, because I know they like realistic fiction. (peanutinatutu is my friend) I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction or situations that are funny and distressing at the same time. I would not recommend this book to anyone who likes the feeling that the book wants to give you is definite, or to someone who doesn't like realistic fiction. But if you do, I would read this book!

Catherine Called Birdy

Author: Karen Cushman
By: Maya B
The story “Catherine, Called Birdy” centers around a girl named Catherine. Her piglike father is pushing her to marry a rich man, solely out of greed. Catherine drives away every suitor with their tail between their legs. Then comes a man, the ugliest by far, but unfortunately he was also the richest. Can Catherine overcome her father’s greed and regain her freedom? The main characters of this book are, Catherine the stubborn young lady, Perkin the goat boy and Catherine’s ill-mannered father. Catherine encounters a lot of different problems in this story. Death, stubborn suitors, family, these are some problems that came in Catherine’s way.

This book wasn’t my favorite, but It suited me well. I liked the interesting personality of the damsel, Catherine. I do relate to Catherine somewhat because if I was forced to marry, I couldn’t take it either. I think it’s I big privilege to be able to choose who you want to marry. My favorite character is Agnes, a small part but very funny. Agnes quarrels with nearly everything. She is very pompous and defensive. My favorite part of the book was when Agnes visited Catherine, because Agnes is really entertaining with her constant bickering. My least favorite part of the book was the end, it was really unsatisfying. I didn't really understand how the book ended, or how things turned out. I wish I could change the ending of the story to something more interesting that you didn’t expect.

I would recommend this book to some of my friends, because I’m not sure if all of them would like style it is written in. If you like easy but informative reads, try this book. If you enjoy action/adventure books, then you probably wouldn’t like this book.

Maya Running By: Anjali Banerjee Book review written by: Peanutinatutu

The story Maya Running centers around an Indian girl named Maya Mukherjee. Maya doesn’t want to be ethnic, she wants to take adventures and do wondrous things in her life. However, when her eccentric, Indian, dancing, beautiful cousin Pinky comes along, she steals nearly every joy in Maya’s life. Maya makes a desperate wish on a jolly gold statue of the elephant god, Ganesh. The following day all of her wishes and dreams have come true, but is it really what she wants?

I really enjoyed reading this book. I relate to Maya because I often think my life far from perfect, but I do learn to accept what I have and not have a desire to change it. Pinky is my favorite character because she’s really bubbly, she dances and she is really funny, she makes me feel happy. My favorite part of the story was when Maya was at the Ghoses (family friends) house, commenting on their children’s extreme lameness. My least favorite part of the book was when Pinky smashed her nose. I felt really bad for her because I’ve smashed my nose countless times and I know embarrassing it is. I wouldn’t change anything in this book because it would mess up the story line if I did.

I would recommend this book to only a few of my friends because it’s a pretty easy read once you get into it. If you like books that highlight insecurities and normal lives, you would likely enjoy this book.

Code Orange

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

By: Evan A.

Code Orange is about a boy named Mitty, and his two best friends Olivia and Derek. They all go to a private school called St. Raphaels. His biology teacher assigns them a report about infectious diseases. Mitty decides that he will do his report about smallpox. His mom buys several old books from a doctor. In one of the books he finds a bag filled with smallpox, and he handles them. Mitty has now started to feel weird. He looks back at the symptoms of smallpox, and that is when he realizes that there may be a problem. Mitty starts to ignore his symptoms, and tries to believe that nothing is wrong with him, and that it is just a coincidence. He does start to get scared when the symptoms become very serious and really bad.

I like the book, and i thought that it was very entertaining. I didn't think that i related to the characters at all because his two friends love to work and try to make it completely perfected. Then Mitty himself hates to work, is super lazy, and just completely dazes off in class. I think none of them relate to me. But i think that Mitty has to be my favorite, because he likes to have fun, and he is a pretty easy going guy. Honestly I don't have any favorite part of the book because it is all good. But one thing i do like about it is all the suspense. There is so much suspense that whenever I had to put the book down I really didn't want to. I don't think that there is anything i could possibly change about the book. It is probably one of the best books I have read.

I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. I think that many people who like suspense, little bit of drama, and some action would probably like this book a lot. There wouldn't be very many people that won't like this book. I don't know anybody that wouldn't want to read this (besides my friends that don't like to read. So the only reason besides the fact that they don't like to read would be that maybe they don't like this genre of book.

Teen Inc.

Author: Stefan Petrucha

Brady B.

Teen Inc. is about Jaiden Beale, the first child raised by a corporation. After his parents die due to a faulty stove valve, the company the made the valve, NECorp, decides to adopt him. There are many complications to being raised by a business, legal issues, school, and friends are only a few of the them. I liked this book because it takes you through Jaiden's everyday life, but it also has some action. It is also about standing up for something you know is right. My favorite character was Jaiden because he struggled at some points, but he always seemed to make the right decision. Teen Inc. has something for everyone. I think the age group that would like this book are middle schoolers and older. People that like a little bit of action every now and then would enjoy it also. It is great book and I thinks most people would really enjoy it.

Love, Stargirl

by: Jerry Spinelli
external image 200px-Love_stargirl_book.jpg200px-Love_stargirl_book.jpg
The story “Love, Stargirl” is about a girl who moves to Pennsylvania and deeply misses her “once (and future?) boyfriend,” Leo. The book is one long letter, meant to send to Leo. Stargirl is a very calm humble girl, also very intelligent. Stargirl meets a lot of new people in her new neighborhood: five-year-old Dootsie Pringle who is very upbeat, enthusiastic and great at creating fun; Betty Lou, an agoraphobic that hasn’t stepped out of her house for nine years; Alvina, with one glittery nail and an anger problem; and Perry, a very mysterious teenager who acts as if he owns the world. Stargirl feels something between her and Perry, yet she is still has hope for Leo.

I really thoroughly enjoyed the book! I do relate to Stargirl because I like to get away from all issues and just relax by myself. My favorite character was definitely Dootsie (who calls herself a “human-bean”). She is really hilarious to read about. She thinks that she is a grown up, and enjoys playing with Stargirl. My favorite part of the book is when Betty Lou comes out of her house for the first time in nine years to come to Stargirl’s winter solstice party. It was a really happy moment in the book. My least favorite part of the book was when Alvina insulted Stargirl repeatedly. I didn’t like this part because Alvina was being unreasonable and had no reason to take her bottled-up anger out on Stargirl. I wouldn’t change anything in this book, it all made a great mix.

I would recommend this book to my friends. If you like books with mixed emotions with ups and downs, this would be a great book for you. However, if you are easily confused, this may not be the book for you. All of the things that you have to remember during the book can get a little bit confusing. Overall “Love, Stargirl” was a great read!


Playing With The Boys
By Liz Tigelaar
The story “Playing With The Boys” is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Lucy Malone. Lucy just moved to Malibu California. Lucy fortunately met some new friends Charlie, Pickle and Carla. They all try out for the soccer team. Lucy is heartbroken when she doesn’t make it. Suddenly the soccer coach Martie suggests that she put her skills to the test in football! I really loved this book. The results were none that she had ever expected. She finds that she really loves football! Too bad the guys hate her being on their team.

This was one of the best books I have ever read. Once I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down! I did relate to Lucy. We both love what we do, and are really committed. My favorite part of the book was when her father was proud of her for winning a football game. Lucy tried to hide football from her dad. When he found out, he was furious. Lucy refused to stop. When her dad saw her playing, he thought about her mother. He said they were both so persistent. My least favorite part of the story was when Lucy’s dad found out that she was playing football. I thought it was totally unfair that he wouldn’t was Lucy to be happy with what she does. I wouldn’t change anything it was a great mix!

I think I’d recommend this book to all of my friends. “Playing With The Boys” is a heartwarming, funny, dramatic and all together fun to read!

Pretty Tough
by Liz Tigelaar

"Pretty Tough" is about two sisters named Krista and Charlie. Charlie Brown is a tom boy, and used to get along with her sister, but now is a sophomore and has no friends. Krista Brown on the other hand is popular, beautiful and thinks Charlie is just a brat and doesn’t understand how hard her life is. Martie (Krista’s new soccer coach), asks Charlie to join Krista’s soccer team. Charlie just can’t wait to see the look on her sister’s face when she found out. Krista doesn’t want Charlie to steal her spotlight because Krista had always been the obvious best player on the team. I think that Krista didn’t realize how much Charlie was discriminated, and how hard it was to be compared to the most perfect girl in school. My favorite character was Charlie because she is competitive and has a bit of girly side to her.

This book was actually one of my favorite books that I have ever read! It was just a lot like what everyday girls experience. this was one of the first books that I have ever read that actually applied to real life. I relate to Charlie because sometimes I feel like I don’t have any friends and like nobody likes me. I relate to Krista because I am pressured by my peers to look a certain way, or they don’t like you. My favorite part of the book was when Krista and Charlie finally decided to get along and support each other. My least favorite part was when Krista’s boyfriend, Cam, broke up with her. When she got home she cried on her driveway for several hours. I don’t want to change anything in "Pretty Tough", it was a great mix all together.

I actually would recommend this book to my friends. If you like real life stories, this would be a good book for you. This book has a lot of just regular feelings and things that we go through everyday. I would recommend this book from ages 10-15. It was a really good book overall.

The Lightning Thief
Author: Rick Riordan
Book product by: Joseph Lane

The book starts out when 12 year old Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of yet another school. Percy and his class go on a field trip, and then his math teacher turns out to be a creature from the underworld, attacks him and that is where Riptide comes into play. It looks like a pen, but when Percy uncaps it, it turns into a sword! Percy kills the monster disguised as a math teacher, and it explodes. Later on, as you expected Percy gets kicked out of that school, Percy and his mom go on a vacation to a cabin by the beach. His friend Grover (who by the way, is a satyr) comes to the cabin and tells them to leave, that the Minator is chasing them. Well it was, and to wrap up that part, Percy's mom get's killed (but she's not really dead), Percy kills the Minator and then makes his escape to a summer camp, which is actually a training camp for half - bloods (children of gods and humans), he finds out that he's the son of Poseidon, gets assigned a quest and sets off on a journey to recover Zeus's main lightning bolt.

SPOILER ALERT!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My favorite part was when you find out that Percy was the son of Poseidon, it was cool because when ever he touches |water, he's healed

My least favorite part was when (well I can't really tell you, because that would reveal the ending. But lets just say someone who you think is Percy's friend betrays him.) But I can tell you that it's not one of Percy's best friends.

If I could change anything in the book, I would change the fact that Luke betrays Percy, because you really think that it's |not going to be Luke who betrays him.

I would suggest this book to people who like: fantasy, and realistic fiction.

Of Mice and Men by John steinbeck

Of Mice and Men is a story of two men who are very good friends. There names are Lennie and George. Lennie is very big and strong but he isn't very smart.He likes to touch things that are soft although if it is something living he usually ends up killing it Because he doesn't know his own strength. George is smarter and less strong but usually can control Lennie. One of the exciting adventures was when they went to look for work.

In one part of the book, Lenny gets carried away when Curley's wife lets him touch her hair. He gets his fingers tangled in her hair and she tries to pull away and screams and he shakes her to silence her. He unintentionally breaks her neck.

I did like the book although I didn't relate to any of the characters because I am not that strong and I would shoot my own friend like George did in the end ( spoiler alert ) my favorite character is George because he always does what he must no matter what. My least favorite part of the book was when George shot Lennie. If I could change one thing about the book it would be the ending.

I wouldn't recommend this to my friends because they both like robot kind of science fiction. Anyone who likes a somewhat sad story would like it.
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The Clique
By Lisi Harrison
Book Review by Darian Bruch

This author caught my interest last quarter when a read another book in this series. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start at the beginning of the series so that I could know the characters from the start.

Massie Block is the main character. She is a very spoiled, very rich, very beautiful girl. Massie is the leader of The Clique and controls the social scene at Octavian Country Day School. The other members of The Clique are Kristen, Dylan and Alicia. Honestly, they behave badly towards others. They look down on other girls and are quite rude most of the time. But, they pretty much rule the school and that is the way Massie wants it to be.

Massie’s perfect life gets a kink in it when an old friend of her father’s moves his family into their guesthouse behind their mansion. The family has two children, Todd and Claire. Todd is younger than Claire, but Claire and Massie are the same age and will be in the same class at school.

Claire makes every effort to be nice to Massie and her friends, but they cut her down every time. They make fun of her, say rude comments and even make her ride in the far back of the vehicle when Isaac drives them all to school. Poor Claire, it’s not easy being the latest object of Massie’s fun at OCD.

Eventually Claire makes a friend on her own at OCD, Layne, but when Massie decides she is interested in Layne’s older brother, Massie makes Layne her friend which leaves Claire alone again.

She tries her best to fit in, but Claire misses her old friends and having new friends that really like her. At one of her lowest points, Claire comes up with a brilliant idea and it was purely by accident. With her little bother as her guard, Claire sneaks to Massie’s house and into her room and uses Massie’s computer. Impersonating Massie, with IMs to Massie’s friends, Claire is able to learn a few secrets and set herself up to fit in.

Her plan works wonders for her socially at OCD, but she does get caught and things are as bad as before. As the book goes on, the reader really relates to Claire, but begins to see weaknesses in Massie sometimes. Massie even softens towards Claire a few times, but usually bounces right back to herself. Claire does manage to gain some respect from The Clique.

This book was fun to read. You always wondered what would happen next and you wondered when was Claire finally going to have something good happen to her. The author make you think and put yourself in the place of both girls. I would recommend this book at any girls my age. I would like to read the whole series.


by:Mary Amato

The Naked Mole Rat Letter’s is about a girl named Frankie. Her dad went to Washington D.C. and met a girl named Ayanna. As Frankie is e-mailing Ayanna and her dad still hasn’t told her about Ayanna why Frankie already knows about her. As e-mailing her behind her dad’s back, she has turned into a bad person.

I really liked the book. The main character’s were Frankie, Robert (her dad), and Ayanna. My favorite character was Ayanna , because she is really nice and works for animals. My favorite part was the Halloween party because of all of the fun that everyone had! My least favorite part of the book was when Frankie skipped school, Because she lied to do it.

I would recommend this book for people that like story’s about family and getting to understand each other better.

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Meet Samantha (An American Girl Collection)
By: Susan S. Adler
By: Morgan S.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samantha is a bright Victorian beauty, an orphan who is raised by her wealthy grandmother. Samantha has a "friend" and his name is Eddie Rylands. Jessie is a grown lady that makes dresses, clothes, and she "patches" Samantha up. One beautiful day this new girl came to Samantha's town and her name is Nellie. She came to Samantha's town because where she lived there was not enough food, coal, and there was hot dusty air that she lived in. Everyday Nellie and Samantha would go under the "tunnel" where they would talk to each other about there day and what they have been doing. One day Samantha and Nellie noticed that Jessie was gone and nobody would tell them where Jessie went. Then they found Jessie in the living room with a baby in her arms. One day when Samantha heard the bad news her heart sunk like a ship. When she found Nellie she hugged her and gave you a huge basket full of water and food. The reason that Nellie left is because grandmother thought that if Nellie got sick then Nellie would be a bother so she went back to where she was living before.

I love this book because I love to learn what it was like in the past. I would relate to Samantha because I am always nosy, adventurous, and curious. My favorite character is Jessie because she is very calm, she has a cute little baby, and sews. All of the book was my favorite because it was adventurous and fun.
I would recommend this book to ages 6 and up because little kids like adventure a lots of times. I would not recommend this book to some of my friends because they may not like adventure and may not like learning about the past.

Fourth Grade Is a Jinx

By: Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna

By: Morgan S.

The story was about this fourth grader girl who's name is Collette and she thought fourth grade was going to be the best year ever but when something horrible happens it ruins everything. When her teacher fell off the stool the teacher broke her leg and someone had to be a substitute teacher and Collette has a big surprise- the substitute is her mother!! She thinks that she will die of embarrassment, she also thinks that her mother might yell at her friends and maybe even her!! Fourth grade will never be the same for Collette.
I liked the book because it had a lot of adventure and it is like ohh no what is going to happen kind of book and I like that too. I would relate to Collette cause if my mom is the teacher I would feel and think that same thing that Collette thought. My favortie part of the book was when one of the characters finally admit that she stoll the lunch money for her mother. The reason I liked that part is because it shows that she was willing to tell the truth and not hide it from the teacher.
I would recommend this book to some of my friends because some may not like adventure book and some do like adventure books. I think that fourth grader would love to read think book and why because the title has fourth grade on it and that is why I think that that would be fun for them. I think that nobody should not read this book cause anyone can enjoy a book.

Messenger by Lois Lowly

The story was about a kid named maddy who has a healing power and is a messenger. Some of the main characters are Maddy, Seer ( the blind man maddy lives with ) and frolic who is a puppy that maddy adopts.
Some of the problems are that Maddy needs to go through the forest witch tries to kill most who enter to get Seer's daughter to the village before the border closes.One of the exciting adventures is when Maddy goes to find Seer's daughter and bring her back to the village. The forest is closing up and it also tries to kill (almost) anyone who sets foot in it. And on the way he has to cut down some vines and when the sap gets on him it burns through the clothing he is wearing an right into his flesh and as they go on it gets much much worse and in order to try and heal the earth he uses his gift on the earth and dies.

I LOVED the book although I did not relate to any of the characters in the story. My favorite character is maddy because he can heal people.I did not have any favorite or least favorite parts because I liked all of the book and there is nothing that I would want to change about it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes stories that are set mainly in medieval times. Anyone who doesn't like Medieval stories probably won't like this book.

One Eyed Cat
Author: Paula Fox
by: aatplc

Whoosh! Eleven-year-old, Ned Wallis, a minister's son and the main character, knew he wasn't supposed to touch the gun yet he couldn't resist pulling the trigger of the Daisy riffle and shooting at a shadow that he thought had just moved. On his way home he thought he saw someone looking down from the attic at him. Who had seen him? Ned had disobeyed his father. About a month later when helping his neighbor get ready for the winter, he saw a cat with one of its eyes shot out and dried blood around the edge and a deaf ear. It all came to him. That something moving was the cat; he had shot the cat and maybe cost it his life? Too afraid to disappoint his parents, Ned becomes uneasy. Can he save the cat?

This is fantastic book. I can't think of any way I relate to anyone in this story except for their passions. I liked Ned Wallis the best because after him, everyone seems somewhat weird in the story, or at least the people he walks to school with. The part where he sneaks outside with the gun is my favorite. It forces you to think; who could have been in the window watching? There is nothing here I would change.

I recommend this book to everyone. Especially the people who love animals because this book is about trying to save a cats life. This is an good book that I think anyone would enjoy.

Dicey's Song
Author: Cynthia Voigt
by: aatplc

Dicey Tillerman, the main character, is a hardworking, independent, 13-year-old girl who moves from Massachusetts after her mother abandoned her children after becoming mentally ill. Still poor, she learns to let go of the past and gets a chance to understand her brothers and sister. None of the Tillerman children do great in school, but Maybeth has a terrible time and her teachers began to think she's retarded. Sometime later, Dicey takes a mysterious trip on a plane with her poor, proud grandmother who won't talk to her.

Yes, I really liked the book even though I couldn't call it a favorite. Though my favorite character is Dicey, I don't really relate to her or anyone in this book except I have the same compassion for music as Maybeth had. I liked the mysterious trip that Dicey had because it keeps you on your toes wondering. I don't have a least favorite part; I liked it all.

I would recommend this book to my friends. I think someone who lives in the country would like this best because it shows a different life style. I don't think anyone should not read this, but I know for sure that a boy would have little interest in it. First of all it's about a girl, which the story revolves around. Secondly, there's not enough action or conflict.

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Author: Harper Lee
by: aatplc

The childhood world of the three children is filled with fun and entertainment. During the summer they acted out scenes from their favorite books. They fight over the characters and argue who should be who. Eventually they got tired of acting and new interests aroused. Dill became fascinated with Boo Radley (a neighbor) who broke the law as a kid and as a punishment his dad locked him in the house and he wasn't heard from until age fifteen when he stabbed his father. Dill tries to lure him out of the house and dares Jem to touch the house. Some weeks later, they see old Tim Johnson (a dog) walking slowly but dizzily down there street. Not knowing what was wrong with him they went and told Calpurnia (their cook) who alerted the neighborhood. Eventually Mr. Finch arrived with the sheriff and shot the dog. Every time Jem and Scout walked to town they had to walk pass Mrs. Dubose’s (neighbor) house unless they wanted to walk a mile out of their way. Mrs. Dubose was an old grouch who slept most of the time and would rudely remark on how Jem and Scout talked and dressed and accused them of things they didn't do. One day on the way to town to buy a steam engine and a baton Mrs. Dubose insulted their father. On the way home Jem noticed she wasn't outside and went mad. He grabbed his sister’s baton and ripped the tops off of every camellia bush, then snapped the baton in two. Later his father sent him over there to apologize. Mrs. Dubose's punishment was he had to read to her for two hours after school and on Saturdays for a month. Scout went with him.

Maudie was a gardener and she baked the best cakes in all of Maycomb. She was outside almost 24/7. When Scout and Jem wanted to make a snowman but didn't have enough snow, Miss Maudie shared hers. She even helped show Scout her father's accomplishments. The Finch children would help her with her gardening. One day, Maudie's house went ablaze. Almost the entire Maycomb residents were helping put out the fire. Neighbors went inside to save as much furniture as they could. When it was put out Stephanie (their nosy neighbor) offered a room to her. Later the next day Scout and Jem came over to return a hat they'd borrowed and told her they were sorry about what happened. Miss Maudie was not upset. She said she was thinking of putting fire to it anyhow because she wanted more room to garden and that she'd get a smaller house built and then she'd have the finest garden in all of Maycomb.

Boo Radley is an important character. He remains a mystery throughout the story. The Finch children and Dill all wonder what he looks like. They try a lot of things to make him come out and even start a short conversation with Nathan (Boo's brother) when he walks to town. At the end of the story is where he really shines. After Mr. Ewell had almost lost a case to a black he said he was going to get revenge. One night when Jem and Scout were walking home after a Halloween party at the high school Mr. Ewell trailed them and then jumped out, knife in hand, ready to kill them. Some how Boo Radley saved them and Mr. Ewell was found dead with a knife in his ribs. Boo hung around the house for a while and Scout found out what he looked liked and even met him but Jem didn't.