Tiger Eyes
Judy Blume


Tiger Eyes was about a girl named Davey and her dad died and her and her mother are trying to let go of him. Some of the main characters were Davey and her mom. The problems in the story were her died and someone else that she grew very close to. One of her friends had a drinking problem and Davey tried to help her. Some of the exciting adventures where when she went climbing down the canyon and met Wolf. Also when she started school in the new town.

Davey was my favorite character because she does a lot of stuff and because she cares a lot about people. I really liked the book. I don’t really think am like any of the characters. My favorite part was where she opened the brown bag and I found out what was in it. My least favorite part was when Mr. Ortiz died. I didn’t like this part because now two people died that she was really close to and it was sad. A part I wish I could change is the ending I want to know if she sees her friends again or if they have changed.

I would recommend this book to all of my friends. People who like interesting stories and sad stories should read this book. People who like outgoing crazy stories probably shouldn’t read this.