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How do Jem and Scout change during the course of the novel? How do they remain the same?

Jem and Scout change during the novel because they both grow up and become more mature. Also when they grow up they become closer together. When they become closer though, it’s more friendship than sibling hood.

Scout grows up because in the beginning of the novel she starts as a pesky 5 year old who doesn’t listen. As she gets older she grows up from being a pesky person, to learning how to listen and does what she is told. But then Aunt Alexandra comes in and tells her to grow up. Scout doesn’t like it because she grew up while still being a tomboy. So yet Scout grows up while still being a kid.

Jem grows up because he becomes more of a friend to Scout while still being her brother. When in the beginning of the novel Jem is kinda mean to Scout because she is just 5 years old while Jem has a 4 year old age difference from her. When they grow up though and they both get older they realize that age doesn’t make a difference in how you should act to your siblings.

What is Atticus’s relationship to the rest of Maycomb? What is his role in the community?

Atticus is the person in Maycomb, that doesn’t care wether your white or black, mean or kind. He is the kind of person that uses first impressions for the rest of the impressions. Take Tom Robinson, a black man that not many people liked, because of his skin color. Atticus saw past the skin, and saw a young man with an open and kind heart.

Some other relationships is him being one of the best lawyers in the town, so everybody trust him and they kinda think he holds the town together. He doesn’t really interrogate the people on trial, he first gets to know them, like asking how they have been, how’s their wife/kids are doing. Then he gives them the hard questions. He also gives everyone the same politeness. Wether they’re mean to him or not.

His role in the community is him being the lawyer, also he is the peace maker if he see’s someone fighting. He cares for the colored people and is probably the nicest to them in the whole town. Of course he is also Scout’s and Jem’s father, so while being gone from early in the morning to late at night he still has fatherly duties to care for his kids.

Discuss the role of family in To Kill a Mockingbird, paying close attention to Aunt Alexandra.

The family in the novel, is based on trust, love, and kindness. With Aunt Alexandra coming in she doesn’t trust at first the why Atticus raises his kids. He raises them the right way, like a family should, with trust, love, and kindness. Atticus trust the kids, but with trust comes responsibilities. Aunt Alexandra does not like the freedom the comes with the trust that Atticus gives them. So Aunt Alexandra not trusting them, she cause a few problems in the family.

It’s also based on love because Aunt Alexandra really does love Scout and Jem, but doesn’t know how to treat them. She learned to treat children with strict and loveless to make them listen to you. So she doesn’t realize that Atticus gets the kids to listen because he treats them with love. Also what comes around goes around if you love some they surely will love you back if you treat them the right way.

It’s based also on kindness, like what I said about love, what comes around goes around you be kind, and someone will be kind to you. Aunt Alexandra was a kind women in heart, but it took awhile for it to come out. Also Atticus is kind to people so the people are kind to him.

The role of the family though, is it sets the plot for the novel, Atticus is kind to one man, the man ask him to be his lawyer. Giving trust in your neighbors to come if your house is on fire, or take care of your kids for a bit. loving your kids, and neighbors like you would want them to love you.