Number of the Stars
By Lois Loury

How does the story of Little Red Riding-Hood create a parallel to Annemarie's own story?
As Annemarie makes her way to her uncle’s boat carrying the package, she thinks of the Little Red Riding Hood story. She is doing what Red Riding Hood did; delivering a package in a basket. When the soldiers stop her, it makes her think of the wolf stopping Red Riding Hood. Their questions and rude cunningness are like that of the wolf. She is also scared of the soldiers the way Red Riding Hood was scared of the wolf. When the soldiers do let her leave, she has the same sense of relief as Red Riding Hood did leaving the wolf.

What role does patriotism play in the story? How is devotion to one's country privileged above all other things? Does this affect the way Jews are treated by non-Jewish Danes?
Patriotism is reflected many times through the book. The author is careful to let the reader understand how proud the Danes are and how they would defend their king above themselves. They love their country and are not happy about the Germans taking it over. The Jews and non-Jewish Dances are not ever against each other in this book. In their eyes, they are all Danes which means that they will help each other and look out for each other.

Interactions between children and adults in Number the Stars are often based on the transmission of information or stories. How does the role of information, or lack of information, impact the way that Annemarie views adults?
Annemarie has a point in the story where she is very upset because she knows that the adults are lying to her. After talking to her uncle, she begins to understand that sometimes it is better to have only a little information because knowing the whole story can be very dangerous. Annemarie doesn’t completely understand why her uncle says that, but as the book continues, she becomes very aware of why his words are so true. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------