Defiantly Dead

This is the third Book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series, and this is where things begin to really heat up. Sookie gets the call that her cousin has died in the town of New Orleans. The vampire queen of Louisiana has requested that Sookie pick through the things that she may want out of the apartment. The vampire Queen is one of the most important people in this book, a lot of the books action is involved In New Orleans. Sookie spends less time working as a barmaid but is still equally as important. Sookie is wanted more than ever because of her telepathic Ability.

One thing I have to point out in these series, is the fact that you can jump in at any of these books and you will have no problem figuring out what the characters personalities and what has happened in the past books. This might be useful for anyone who is not able to get ahold of the first book. The detail in these books is so great, you get to know each person in the book almost inside and out. The book switches back between 1st and 3rd person perspectives. Being a book mostly about vampires I cant really find myself relating to any of the characters in the book. My favorite part of the book had to have been when Sookie had used the taser on the old man who happened to be drinking coffee. Some of the things I might change in the book is the beheading of one of the characters brothers. They state that his head rolled and hit sookies foot. It kind of made me sad knowing this guy had been alive for about a thousand years.

I think anybody above 13 should be fine reading this book. Some of the things in the book may not be appropriate for some children. Overall this is a great book for a general read.

The doll in the garden

By: Mary Downing Hahn

This story is about a girl named Ashely. Ashely is 10 years old, almost 11. Ashley moves the top floor of a apartment with her mom, and cat Oscar. Her dad died last year and, she was very sad along with her mom. Ashley and her mom had to move to Monkton Mills because her mom got a job there. A crabby old lady lived in the bottom apartment, named Miss. Cooper. Ashley was first attracted to a very pretty garden, that had roses and honeysuckles. She saw a red shirt in the tree. Who was the girl in the tree? Who's cat was the cat that always walked around? and Why did it never cast a shadow? Read the book to find out. The main character was Ashley. Ashley found out a lot of things, and was not afraid really at all.

I liked the book. It's a ghost story, but in my opinion it was not scary. My favorite part of the book was the ending, but I can't say what happens. I probably related to Ashley the most. She is very adventurous and likes to try new things. My least favorite part of the book was almost at the end. If I could change something it would be that the dad didn't die, but if he didn't die then they wouldn't have moved.

I request this book to my friends. It is interested. Once I got in the book I couldn't stop reading. People who like stories that can be sad, scary, and mysterious will like this book.


The Ghost Sitter

Peni R. Griffin

This story is about a girl named Susie, Charlotte and Shannon. Susie is a girl that lived in the 1800’s. She died when she was a kid on the fourth of July. When she died her family moved away from the house that they had lived in. When they left Susie’s ghost told her sister that she would stay there till she came back. While Susie waits for her sister, she baby-sits all the kids who live in the house that she haunts. The role that Charlotte and Shannon play are girls that live in the house that Susie died in. They help Susie find her sister. I liked Susie’s character because she is devoted to seeing her sister again, and she likes taking care of little ones. I think that the most exciting part in the book was when they find Susie’s sister.

I liked the book because it had a great ending and a great plot. I think I relate to Susie because she liked to baby-sit little kids. My favorite part of the story was when Susie came in contact with Charlotte and Shannon. That was my favorite part because it was kind of creepy. My least favorite part of the book was when Susie was asleep for a long period of time. That was my least favorite because it only had dialogue of Charlotte and Shannon talking. If I could change something in the book I would have made it so that people could see Susie. I would change that because it would make the story a lot more interesting.

I would recommend this book to all of my friends. I think that people who like supernatural books would very much enjoy this book. I think that they would like it because it talks about supernatural things. I don’t think someone who gets easily frightened should read this book, because it does have some scary parts.


The shack.
By William young.

This book is about a guy named Mackenzie Allen Phillips who goes to visit god at the shack for the weekend. The main characters were Missy Nann,Mack,god,holy spirit, and Jesus. Nan was Mack’s wife. Mack is the main character and father of missy and husband of Nan. Mack was abused as a child and killed his father with rat poison. God is described as a Large African American woman named Papa. Jesus is described as a Caucasian carpenter. The holy spirit is described as a Asian woman named sarayu.The problem in the book is that Mack’s daughter Missy gets kidnapped and killed.

I liked this book because I think this is a good book for what I believe in. My favorite character is Jesus because he always has a charming sense of humor. My favorite part was the end cause it made me think hard.

I would probably not recommend it to some of my friends. The people who should read this book are people who want to know what a weekend with god may be like.
And people who aren’t interested about a weekend with god should not read this book.

By jrtopchef.